Linen Batik

Why you need Linen Batik saree? Because this is a comfortable linen for the summer.

This linen was purchased from Perona Boutique in Jan, 2019. It is better for the Summer.It has very unique combination which attracted me. Anchal and border have batik work but the body is plain. It does not need any special jewellery. You can drape this saree anytime and anywhere.

Wax-resist dyeing technique is called Batik. It is originated from Java island, Indonesia. But it is very ancient process. It already existed in Egypt in 4th century BC. It was used to wrap mummies. The technique was also practised in Asia also.The flow of this process set the path from China to Indonesia and then India. In this process, the selection of the cloth for the batik print is very
much important to make the fabric well featured. The natural materials
like silk and cotton are used for the batik print. Because these fabrics have the capacity to absorb the wax applied in the batik process. The thread count also holds the higher priority for the application of this process unless the fabric will be starched.