Muslin Jamdani is one of my best collections. Muslin is one of the purest, simplest and probably most perfect fabric in the world. Its uniqueness is its breathablity. It is the pride of Bengal. Thie art of textile weaving is really attractive and admirable.The name, Jamdani, is of
Persian origin and comes from the word “jam” meaning flower and “dani”
meaning vase. When it combines with Muslin, it becomes fabulous. The saree is very soft, light and comfortable. 
The saree I draped was gifted by my husband on my birthday. It was a special surprise for me. It has greenish and indigo border with yellow chrome background. The body has some skilled and very fine work of arts like leaves, flowers. The body color is bright but sober. There is a zari work in golden color in the lower portion of saree. I am paired with indigo blouse with golden flower motifs.