Hello, this is my first post on the blog. I started this blog to share my experience with sarees. From childhood, it is my passion to drape all kinds of sarees. Saree makes a woman beautiful and traditional. The only attire that can be draped on any occasion at any time. I am a housewife. So to maintain the “Sansar” and the passion is somehow difficult. Still, I try to follow my passion. I think this is the only way for me to reach you and share my love for sarees. Hope you will like it. So here are the details about mulmul cotton fabric.

Generally, I use to click my pic in my dining room with my phone. It is not possible for me all the time to go outside and do a photo session. Sometimes I try my best to do that. You will find some of my posts outside.


Muslin was derived from ‘Mosul’. It is a place in Iraq. At that time, Europeans used to trade here. It was originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Bengalis used to import this fabric and created the world-famous muslin with their skill and effort. In the Mughal era, the muslin was the finest weaves in the world and Dhaka became the capital of worldwide muslin trade.


Our weather is warm most of the time in the year. It is soft, lightweight, breathable. It soaks up the sweat and allows heat to escape the body to keep you chilled. The cotton is also comparatively cheap and available. That’s why I prefer cotton saree maximum times. 

Mulmul or muslin is a soft, flowy, and fine weave of cotton. It was first made by Bengali weavers many years ago. But the commercial viability of this fabric was established in Europe almost a thousand years ago. It was one of the important dealing elements at that time. India used to import such kind of fabric.  

I draped cotton Mulmul saree which is one of my favorite collections. I like this material since l was in class 9. This saree is comfortable and especially can be draped in warm weather.

I have quite a few in my collections. This is paired with a black and white Kantha stitched blouse and matching jewelry. During the summer, I always prefer this type of sarees. The design of the saree is unique. It is very comfortable and easy to drape. The body of the saree is plain. The prints of the saree resemble the pattern of playing cards.