Bishnupuri Katan

This presentation is a Bishnupuri Katan with all-over thread work. It’s very similar to Baluchari  which are also produced in Bishnupur. Both the sarees are made from best quality silk yarn and by the finest weavers of Bishnupur.
The  difference between these two sarees lies mainly in their pallus or anchals. While in Baluchari mythological scenes are depicted, Katans come with patterns and designs on border and anchal. In this saree there is buta all over the body as well.
I purchased this saree many years back. I was really confused between a Baluchari and this one, but finally picked up this master piece. Later purchased one Baluchari  from the same place and a few more from others but this one remains one of my dearest.
In my view Bishnupuri Katan, particularly this type, is fit for all occasions. The colour combination of the saree – soft orrange and tussar colour – makes the saree even more attractive. It would be pleasure to see your views on this post as well as on the earlier post where I had shared some information about the Bishnupuri silk tradition.