This is one of my very unique preparation. We Bengalis love hilsha fish more than any other fishes. Varieties types of hilsha preparation are present. Some of the most popular recipes of hilsha fish are Sorshe Ilish, Doi Ilish, Ilish machher jhal, Ilish fry, etc. But Hilsha fish with Tamarind leaves are really special. I saw this dish in the newspaper. Then I designed this recipe myself.

We need few ingredients for this recipe. But the taste is incomparable. Hilsha fish, tamarind leaves, green chilies, black cumin, turmeric, and salt are required. At first, we need to prepare the paste of tamarind leaves according to the amount of hilsha fish. Then we need to paste black cumin. In a frying pan, we need to heat up the oil. We need to add the black cumin and water. When the water starts to boil, we should add turmeric, salt, green chilies paste and hilsha fish. After some time, we need to add black cumin and tamarind paste. Then we must let that boil for some time. When the cooking is about to end, we add fresh green chilies on it. The dish is ready now.

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Mili Sarkar

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