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6 South Indian Sarees You Must Know

6 South Indian Sarees You Must Know

Introduction South India is the birthplace of one of the most beautiful weaves in India. Every Indian woman across the world can’t skip this saree. South Indians carry rich culture and discipline with them. In maximum cases, these sarees are draped either in a wedding ceremony or a festival or the most important occasion. So …


Bandhini or Bandhej Embroidery

Introduction The word Bandhani or Bandhini or Bandhej (Hindi: बांधानी) comes from Sanskrit word Bandha or Bandhana. It means to tie or to bind. It uses to create beautiful circular patterns on the fabrics. This Bandhini or Bandhej embroidery is used frequently in the textile design industry. The textile is decorated by plucking the cloth …


Mili’s is an Online Boutique by Mili

Introduction Mili’s is an Online Boutique by Mili. It’s an online exclusive platform where it is willing to offer you the finest of Indian handloom sarees. It aims to cater the best and provide the best so that customers need not to worry about the quality and price. This online boutique Mili’s is founded with …


All about Organza Fabric

Introduction Organza is a light perfect fabric that was made from silk. However, the modern version of the fabric can be made not only with silk, but also polyester or nylon, or a combination of all three. Although the look and feel is like silk, it is much thinner and is made of a simple …

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