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Mili’s is an Online Boutique by Mili

Introduction Mili’s is an Online Boutique by Mili. It’s an online exclusive platform where it is willing to offer you the finest of Indian handloom sarees. It aims to cater the best and provide the best so that customers need not to worry about the quality and price. This online boutique Mili’s is founded with …

bengal habdloom
Bengal Handloom

Bengal Handloom of The Bengal Territory

Introduction Bengal Handloom is usually used by Bengali women and traditionally formed in the Bengal territory including Bangladesh. Tant, Baluchari, Jamdani, Muslin, Tant jamdani, Tussar, Bishnupur Katan Silk, etc belong to this class. Description The saree I draped is not purely a Bengal handloom. Because nowadays, pure cotton is not being used and there are …


What is special about Organza

Introduction Organza, the wonder fabric of western fashion throughout the medieval ages and early modern period, can also create magic in sarees. Although not as popular as in western fashion, it’s gradually getting into the Indian fashion world now. Description The name of the fabric relates to the word “organzine,” which, refers to any type …

Bengal Handloom

How tussar batik saree is made?

Batik: Wax-resist dyeing technique is called Batik. It is originated from Java island, Indonesia. But it is very ancient process. It already existed in Egypt in 4th century BC. It was used to wrap mummies. The technique was also practised in Asia also. The flow of this process set the path from China to Indonesia …

Bengal Handloom

Know about Kantha Embroidery

Kantha is a renowned style of embroidery that is originated from West Bengal. It displays the skill and talent of rural women in Bengal. It is the process where old clothes are reused for making something new. The type of stitch is normal running stitch. It is so simple and low-cost technique that has taken …

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