Kanchipuram Saree is the queen of South Indian sarees.

Kanchipuram is a region located in Tamilnadu, India. So the silk which is woven here is called Kanchipuram silk. It is also known as Conjeevaram/Kanjeevarum/Kanjiwaram/Kanjivaram.The saree is draped as bridal and special occasion by the maximum of south Indian women. The shine and the work of art make it so famous that it supresses the …


Know about Kantha Embroidery.

Kantha is a renowned style of embroidery that is originated from West Bengal. It displays the skill and talent of rural women in Bengal. It is the process where old clothes are reused for making something new. The type of stitch is normal running stitch. It is so simple and low cost technique that it …


The Story we’ve heard about Pochampally saree.

Traditional weaving, with its sheer variety and  regional uniqueness,  is an important facet of the great Indian culture that embodies the Idea of ‘unity in diversity’.  Interestingly, the great Indian weaving traditions originated and evolved in small towns and villages, not in big cities. One such center is the small town of Pochampally and its …


Why The Muslin is Better for Me

Muslin Jamdani is one of my best collections. Muslin is one of the purest, simplest and probably most perfect fabric in the world. Its uniqueness is its breathablity. It is the pride of Bengal. Thie art of textile weaving is really attractive and admirable.The name, Jamdani, is of Persian origin and comes from the word …

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