Matka,matka and matka!!!
There are so many articles about Matka sarees. You may say that the collection of this saree is my passion. A saree can’t be decided only by its colour and design. I think that Matka can be draped in any season because of its lightness and comfort. Several properties like digital prints, hand looms etc are found in this saree. One should not compare among properties. Each property has its own uniqueness. Matka is famous for its color combination.
The saree I draped is pure Matka silk. There are only two colors there i.e. black and white. But the work of art at the border is really admirable if you take a close look of it. The body is white and there are some fine works of black in the border. It is very much light and comfortable. The thread count is less than the normal weaving. That’s why the body looks transparent. I think simple makeup is necessary for this kind of saree.