Kantha stich is probably the simplest stitching technic. Yet it can create magical elegance in the hands of master artisans. Just check the masterpieces created by artisans of rural areas around Bolpur (Shantiniketan) in West Bengal to believe.

This stitching technic was originally used in rural Bengal for stitching of Kantha, a kind of bed material for mild winter. In last few decades, it has gradually been adopted in sarees and other dress materials.

The main feature of the Kantha sarees is its soft,  floral  and geometric patterns that reflect the imagination and creativity of the artisans. Of late,  renowned designers have started adopting kantha to create their own widely acclaimed masterpieces.
The saree I am wearing today was collected from one of many master creators of Birbhum district. It is soft and comfortable and unique in its design. It accentuate my womanhood in a soft and gentle manner. Hope you also like my selection the way I like.