Chettinad cotton saree is also known as “kandaangi”. It is the traditional sari of the Chettinad region in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu. It is characterised by its silk-like texture, contrasting border and body colours with intricate designs along the border. Chettinad cotton sarees are woven by Devanga Chettiyars, who are the skilled weavers from ancient days. My new chettinad cotton..It is very sober and elegant drape. Easy to carry in summer. I am teamed up with matching blouse, bindi
and minimum jewellery. I collected the saree from Bidisha Sarkar.

Written by

Mili Sarkar

I am Mili Sarkar. I am currently staying with my family in Kolkata. Blogging is my hobby and saree is my passion. So I created a blog Traditional Mili to express my love and experience on saree. Hope, you will like it.