Tussar Bafta

There are many interesting facts about Tussar Bafta. I draped this saree today. I don’t have so many collection of this saree. It is very comfortable and light compared to other sarees. It is very useful in summer. I purchased this saree from one of my friend’s shop, Dita n Disha (Baghajatin, Kolkata).

The Sanskrit name of tussar is Kosa. It is famous for its natural gold colors. We get this fabric from a yellowish-brown moth. The scientific name is Antheraea paphia. The silk often is referred as Wild Silk.  India is the main producer of this silk. Mainly, Jharkhand shows the maximum production. India is the second largest producer of tussar silk. The Tribal women weave this kind of silk from cocoons. Tussar holds varieties of textures and colours. It is soft and breathable. It is also cooler than the other varieties. It is absolutely fit for the warm weather.

I liked the saree at my first sight. It belongs to very high quality of tussar. It has beautiful combination of bottle green and parrot green. The borders have the fine works and the whole body is painted by flowers.