Gadwal is one of my favourite sarees.  I have already written about it in one of my earlier posts. This post is mainly about this particular saree from my collection.

It is a cotton Gadwal with silk border and anchal.  I purchased it more than seven years back from a local store.  In those days I had little idea about Gadwal sarees and I purchased it just like that. But after I draped it, I immediately fell in love of the saree and Gadwal in general. In fact, this is the saree that started my near madness about Gadwal. Right now, I have quite a few Gadwals in my wardrobe. Some of them are quite pricey. But this one remains my most favourite. It’s elegant and attractive with an element of aristrocacy in its look. It is highly comfortable and fit for any occasion.

Over the last 7-8 years, I had draped it in many occasions and everywhere it was highly admired for its beauty. I don’t know why it is so, but in my view this beauty has something exclusive in its look that makes it very special. To match its look I prefer to team up with gold jewellery like the ones here. Hope you will also agree with me about this exclusive beauty.