I generally prefer nominal body with gorgeous border and anchal. I also collect same type of sarees in my wardrobe. The saree has the zari highlighted border which attracted me very much. When I was about to buy this saree, I was bit confused. I checked these kind of sarees again and again but could not draw any conclusion. Specially, these kind of sarees hold beautiful colors. Particularly, this brick like red color drew my attention so much that I bought it without any hesitation. I bought it from online TV show. The boutique name is Prerona Boutique from Chandannagar, West Bengal. I received the same color that was shown in the TV show.
As far my knowledge goes, the name of the saree is Gachi Tussar. This saree is originated from West Bengal.  The same saree is also called Deshi Tussar in Bihar. I have already told about Tussar sarees in my previous article so that I am skipping the definition of Tussar saree. When I bought this saree, it was less available in the market. But nowadays, the varity and design have been appeared like block print, digital print, painting, acid painting etc. You can also find Katha stitch, Persian stitch, Gujrati stitch (Kachhi) etc in it. The saree I draped is tied and dyed in color. The base color has a match with brick red. It has plain zari border. The anchal has the broad golden stripes. I myself designed the sleeveless blouse piece for this saree. I think it with go with the saree design. I draped this saree on the occasion of my husband’s office party. I am teamed up with nothing. How am I looking?