Dhakai Jamdani

Sarees form an integral part of every Bengali woman’s wardrobe and one of the most popular textiles that boast of a rich history and heritage is the Jamdani saree. This is popularly known as Dhakai Jamdani or simply Dhakai, this
art of textile weaving has its roots in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is considered to be one of finest variety of muslin that is handwoven from cotton, the art flourished under the Mughal patronage. Even the name, Jamdani, is of
Persian origin and comes from the word “jam” meaning flower and “dani” meaning vase. The name is suggestive of the beautiful floral motifs on these sarees.

I am wearing a bengal jamdani in grey and yellow combination. It is paired with yellow matka blouse , simple german silver jewellery and my all time favourite yellow flower with big bindi.This saree has been purchased from Bidisha Sarkar (ph no. 8240598462).