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Ghicha Tussar

The Hidden Mystery Behind Ghicha Tussar

This is Ghicha Tussar with block print. Ghicha is a variant of tussar silk. It is basically a type of tussar silk yarn that is produced from pierced, cut damaged and double cocoons. It is durable shrinkage free and little rough in texture. It is produced mainly in Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. I have quite …

Tussar Bafta

Interesting facts about Tussar Bafta

I draped this saree today. I don’t have so much collection of this saree. It is very comfortable and light compared to other sarees. It is very useful in summer. I purchased this saree from one of my friend’s shop, Dita n Disha (Baghajatin, Kolkata). I liked the saree at my first sight. It belongs …