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All you should know about Gachi tussar

Tussar is my favorite. I drape this saree with absolute pride. I have many collections of this saree. The saree is generally famous for its texture and natural deep gold color. I have told you so much about tussar in the previous articles. I don’t want to share its weaving processes or other things here. …


How tussar batik saree is made?

Batik: Wax-resist dyeing technique is called Batik. It is originated from Java island, Indonesia. But it is very ancient process. It already existed in Egypt in 4th century BC. It was used to wrap mummies. The technique was also practised in Asia also. The flow of this process set the path from China to Indonesia …


Bhagalpur Tussar is an eye soothing combination

Bhagalpur, the 2nd largest city of Bihar, is also the 2nd largest silk producing area in India.  The city and its surrounding rural areas are home to hundreds of finest weavers engaged in producing masterpieces in silk, particularly Tushar. The city market is dotted with shops offering large variety of  silk and Tushar sarees in …