Bengal Silk

Bombyx mori is a fine and soft foil that is woven by a silk pearl made from Mori fibre. Four types of silk have been produced in Bengal for a long time: Malberi, Andy, Muga and Tasar. The first is made from a silkworm cluster in the bubonic class, the insect that carries the leaves of mulberry or mulberry trees; The second is made from silk of Philosemia which eats the leaves of the caster tree; The third is from the silicon of the Andheri Asmensin class who drinks leafy vegetables, caffeine and leafy leaves and the fourth from antherry class silk those who eat oak leaves. Generally, Malabari silk is considered as the most valuable.
Seeing silk or cocoon is like a pigeon egg. Coconut yarn is unmanageable, but only one yarn of more than 500 meters of humidity is centrally arranged in it.It takes three days to make cocoons. Variations of cocoon shapes and colors are observed. In 8 days, the sugars are converted into pubes in the cortex. Before becoming a pupa, Coconut boiled in hot water and killed the inner insect.Silk yarn is collected from this cocoon. The whole pupa turned into a moth and ruptured the edge of the cunt and if it came out, the continuation of the suits would be severed and the quality of silk yarn reduced. A relay is formed by combining the inner yarn of 2 to 6 pieces. Spawn silk is prepared by removing the outer abandoned yarn, which is made by Matka National Silk.
I think Matka can be draped in any season. This is made for any occasion and party. I have so much collection of it. This is one type of b&w combination.