Bishnupur is a town in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal. It’s known for its Hindu temples made from local Terracotta (ceramic pottery). It’s also known for its Katan Silk saree.  The saree is famous for its texture background and it is one of the most easily identified fabrics as it has a unique look that helps it stand out from other forms of silk. It is created by twisting the fabrics with durable sturdier.
Katan silk is actually originated from Persia when the Mughals used to rule India. The Mughals brought those fabrics into India because of its glamour and versatility. It was one of the most favorite saree of Mughal women like Nur Jahan because of its color, softness, quality
and comfort.

Creating this saree needs very skilled and expert hands to extract the proper fabrics. Only the dedicated artists can twist the threads to produce quality fabrics. The fabrics undergo lots of steps and processes.
Mathematical precision, Charcoal dying processes take place to design it
better.  I only know the basics of saree making. There are lots of scientific processes there.

The saree I draped is Bishnupur Katan Silk with Hand loom work. I wore it while shopping with my husband. The B&W
combination with border work is awesome. It is very soft and comfortable. You can wear it at any season. I am also paired with matching jewelry. This is one of my favorite saree.