Bengal Cotton Handloom /  বাংলার তাঁত

Bengal Cotton Handloom, which is also known as Banglar Tant, is intertwined with the history and culture of Bengal. Till the East India Company nearly destroyed the handloom industry of Bengal and flooded India with cheap powerloom products of Manchester, it was all over Bengal with major weaving centres in Dhaka, Tangail, Begampur, Farasdanga, Dhanekhali etc. producing finest quality cotton fabrics. The legendary Muslin, which was most sought after fabrics all over the world was a gift from the weavers of Dhaka to the world. The British tried their best to completely finish off the industry, but the art somehow survived in small centres and individual families. It got some impetus during the Swadeshi movement but there was no organised efforts to rediscover the art. Of late, with help and incentives from Govt,  Bengal Cotton Handloom has  started to rediscover itself in Fulia and some other small centre.

This particular saree is a Tangail style Tant from Fulia. It is very soft and absolutely comfortable even in humid weather. Above all, it is  purse friendly as well.