Tussar is my favorite. I drape this saree with absolute pride. I have many collections of this saree. The saree is generally famous for its texture and natural deep gold color. I have told you so much about tussar in the previous articles. I don’t want to share its weaving processes or other things here. I will only speak about the Gachi tussar saree I draped. Gachi means folded. This tussar is called Gachi only in West Bengal. But in Bihar, it is called Deshi Tussar.

gachi tussar

For my friend’s marriage, I went to buy a saree for her. I had no plan to buy saree for me. But while observing sarees in the shop, I spotted this Gachi tussar. The color and texture were so good that I couldn’t help but bought it. I like the loud color combination of green and blue, especially in this saree. I think that any color looks faded in the tussar. It doesn’t look glossy like silk. But the faded color looks gorgeous in tussar. I do not prefer a red color. But when it comes to the tussar, I accept it. Because the red automatically becomes light and calm.

The saree bears the discharged black and blue block design and it is unique. It goes well with the green color. I do not have sound knowledge about the discharged block. The saree consists of some huge blocks. Till now, I could not find the mystery of this design and implementation. If you know about this design please let me know in the comment section.