Organza is a light perfect fabric that was made from silk. However, the modern version of the fabric can be made not only with silk, but also polyester or nylon, or a combination of all three. Although the look and feel is like silk, it is much thinner and is made of a simple knit. Organza is known as a lightweight material as well as crisp and tight fabric, making it ideal for evening wear, wedding gowns, dresses, and underskirts. In addition to fashion, we also found use in interior design. Even though the style and the trends are changing, Organza is still popular and preferred fabric among women.

Evolution of Organza

The name Organza has been evolved from Organzine. This is a strong silk fiber. There are many types of organza available. The name Organza was first introduced in France as Orgasin and in Italy as Organzano. Silk organza is woven along the Yangtze River and in the province of Zhejiang in China. A coarser silk organza is woven in the Bangalore, India. Deluxe silk organzas are woven in France and Italy.Pure Organza is also known as Silk Organza or Traditional Organza. It is produced in China. 

Types of Organza

  1. Mirror Organza: It shines with a unique texture. It is lightweight, soft and comfortable. Polyester poplin, taffeta, and satin fabrics are used to create this element. The weavers use this to design dresses and decorations.
  2. Silk Organza: This type of Organza is very costly. It should be dry cleaned to maintain its quality. Otherwise, its visual effect will be caused. 
  3. Sparkly Organza: It has sparkle all over its body. we use this for decoration like table clothes, home decor, etc.
  4. Crystal Organza: This is a lightweight Organza. It is used in the clothes for better looks. It is made from either silk, nylon or polyester. 
  5. Embroidered Organza: It is either a mirror or crystal organza. It features embroidery on the materials.

Organza vs Organdy or Organdie

Organza has a fine texture that catches and reflects light. It is often used in bridal wear as an outer layer. Organza is lightweight and soft. It is also comfortable. 

Organdy or Organdie is made of cotton cloth. It is the sheerest and crispest. It comes from Kounya-Ourguentch in Turkmenistan. This is prone to wrinkling. 

Generally, both are the same elements. The difference is in the fiber. Both are woven with plain weave and fine. But the organza comes from silk, polyester or rayon where organdy comes from cotton or nylon.

Silk Organza:  It is woven by number of mills. It is strong and durable. It is smooth and flat finished. This is used in bags, table cloths, gowns, curtains, etc.

Silk Gauze:  It is also a very strong silk thread. The Leno structure makes it stable and durable. It prevents shifting of the threads so that it is difficult to tear. 

Organza is commonly used is bridal wear, wedding dresses, home decor, party gowns, curtains, table cloths, lightweight dresses, etc.