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10 Bengal handloom sarees you must know

Introduction Bengal has always been the epicenter of one of the finest techniques and patterns of weaving. It is famous not only in Bengal, but it has also gained worldwide recognition. Weaves of Bengal includes both Bangladesh (East Bengal) and West Bengal (India). I grew up in a traditional Bengali family. So from my childhood, …

bengal habdloom
Bengal Handloom

Bengal Handloom of The Bengal Territory

Introduction Bengal Handloom is usually used by Bengali women and traditionally formed in the Bengal territory including Bangladesh. Tant, Baluchari, Jamdani, Muslin, Tant jamdani, Tussar, Bishnupur Katan Silk, etc belong to this class. Description The saree I draped is not purely a Bengal handloom. Because nowadays, pure cotton is not being used and there are …

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