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Bandhini or Bandhej Embroidery

All About Bandhini or Bandhej Embroidery

Bandhini or Bandhej Embroidery The word Bandhani or Bandhini or Bandhej (Hindi: बांधानी) comes from Sanskrit word Bandha or Bandhana. It means to tie or to bind. It uses to create beautiful circular patterns on the fabrics. This Bandhini or Bandhej embroidery is used frequently in the textile design industry. The textile is decorated by …


10 Bengal handloom sarees you must know

Introduction Bengal has always been the epicenter of one of the finest techniques and patterns of weaving. It is famous not only in Bengal, but it has also gained worldwide recognition. Weaves of Bengal includes both Bangladesh (East Bengal) and West Bengal (India). I grew up in a traditional Bengali family. So from my childhood, …


Mili’s is an Online Boutique by Mili

Introduction Mili’s is an Online Boutique by Mili. It’s an online exclusive platform where it is willing to offer you the finest of Indian handloom sarees. It aims to cater the best and provide the best so that customers need not to worry about the quality and price. This online boutique Mili’s is founded with …


All about Organza Fabric

Introduction Organza is a light perfect fabric that was made from silk. However, the modern version of the fabric can be made not only with silk, but also polyester or nylon, or a combination of all three. Although the look and feel is like silk, it is much thinner and is made of a simple …

Bengal Handloom

All about Swarnachari or Swarnachuri saree

Introduction Swarnachari saree and Baluchari saree are the same in weaving, design, and conception. But the main difference is Swarnachari saree has gold threads in the body where Baluchari saree has silk threads. The saree is very classy and elegant. It has the mythological motifs in its body. Despite the bright color, its “swarnachari” color …

bengal habdloom
Bengal Handloom

Bengal Handloom of The Bengal Territory

Introduction Bengal Handloom is usually used by Bengali women and traditionally formed in the Bengal territory including Bangladesh. Tant, Baluchari, Jamdani, Muslin, Tant jamdani, Tussar, Bishnupur Katan Silk, etc belong to this class. Description The saree I draped is not purely a Bengal handloom. Because nowadays, pure cotton is not being used and there are …


What is special about Organza

Introduction Organza, the wonder fabric of western fashion throughout the medieval ages and early modern period, can also create magic in sarees. Although not as popular as in western fashion, it’s gradually getting into the Indian fashion world now. Description The name of the fabric relates to the word “organzine,” which, refers to any type …

Bengal Handloom

All You Should Know About Gachi Tussar

Introduction Tussar is my favorite. I drape this saree with absolute pride. I have many collections of this saree. The saree is generally famous for its texture and natural deep gold color. I have told you so much about tussar in the previous articles. I don’t want to share its weaving processes or other things …

dongria kondh

Some Interesting Facts About The Dongria Kondh Saree

Introduction This is Dongria Kondh Cotton saree. It is my only collection. The needlecraft belongs to Odisha, India. I did not know much about the saree before buying it. I first saw it in a Facebook group. I loved that texture at first sight so I decided to buy the saree. I bought the saree …

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