All about Swarnachari or Swarnachuri saree

Swarnachuri saree and Baluchari saree are the same in weaving, design, and conception. But the main difference is Swarnachuri saree has gold threads in the body where Baluchari saree has silk threads. The swarnachuri saree is very classy and elegant.The swarnachuri saree has the mythological motifs in its body. Despite the bright color, its “swarnachari” …


The Recipe of Tamarind leaves and Hilsha fish

This is one of my very unique preparation. We Bengalis love hilsha fish more than any other fishes. Varieties types of hilsha preparation are present. Some of the most popular recipes of hilsha fish are Sorshe Ilish, Doi Ilish, Ilish machher jhal, Ilish fry, etc. But Hilsha fish with Tamarind leaves are really special. I …

bengal habdloom

Bengal hand loom, traditionally formed in the Bengal territory

This saree is known as Bengal Handloom. It is usually used by Bengali women and traditionally formed in the Bengal territory including Bangladesh. Tant, Baluchuri, Jamdani, Muslin, Tant jamdani, Tussar, Binshnupur Katan Silk, etc belong to this class. These sarees are rich in hot and humid weather. These types of sarees come with artistic motifs, …


What is special about Organza

Organza, the wonder fabric of western fashion throughout the medieval ages and early modern period, can also create magic in sarees. Although not as popular as in western fashion, it’s gradually getting into the Indian fashion world now. The name of the fabric relates to the word “organzine,” which, refers to any type of silk …

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